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Who Am I?

2017 Year of Harmony

Mind Expansion

Namaste. (Ancient Greeting of Recognition. Meaning: The Divine Inside of Me, Acknowledges, Honors and Respects the Divine Inside of You.)

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen of the world wide web, I come in Peace. Thank you for finding your way to MyYoga.Center today. It truly is an honor and privilege to be here with you now. Moving mindfully, "tuning in" with the Force Field of Infinite Possibilities. Welcoming the "New" Age of Aquarius (era, yuga), intentionally creating subtle, yet power filled waves (feedback) with high doses of acceptance, peace, love and compassion. Living in harmony with the Force Field of Infinite Possibilities.

Please, go ahead and MOVE into an easy, comfortable, stable, primary position. One that allows your heart to be open; the spine to be straight - in a neutral position with the crown of the head floating upward. We begin today's practice with a question.

QUESTION: What is one of the MOST COMMON words, written and spoken, on a daily basis?

(this space intentionally put here - to give you time to PAUSE and breathe, to "think" about the question)

One Answer is I. It is one of the most common words written and spoken, on a daily basis. We use "I" to express personal opinions. I like Frank's Red Hot Sauce. I like tropical weather. I like wearing flip flops. We use "I" to express emotions. I am happy. I am loved. I am a spirit living in the human realm. I am healthy. We use "I" to give advice. If I were you, I would learn meditation techniques. I would check your Birth Chart for help with that question. I would become familiar with Spiritual Laws.

Yet, when is the last time you stopped to ask yourself - just who is this incredible I we all keep referring to?

To answer the question, it helps to pluck away the temporary qualities typically connected with I. When we take away personal and private thoughts, preconceived beliefs, sensations, and feeling usually attached to the I, what is left, is the pure, the everlasting and the vital. What is left is pure energy. A place within each and every one of us. What is left is the space known as Pure Awareness, or 'The Force Field of Infinite Possibilities'. It is the magical and mystical space within, where all things truly are possible.

To relate to this magical place within, we can turn to astrology to a place in space known as Nebulas. Nebulas are vibrant, color filled, spectacular, intriguing places where stars are formed (born). PURE Awareness - is a state of expanded consciousness (awareness/spirit). It is the vibrant, spectacular, intriguing place of inspiration, intuition and creativity found WITHIN. Thus, the reason for the name: Force Field of Infinite Possibilities.

So how do we (you and me) get "in tune" with this amazing place Within? The place where Raw, Pure Potential lives. How do we "pluck away" the layers of adjectives we are accustomed to attaching to the Eye (I)?

To answer this question: How do we “pluck away" the layers of adjectives we attach to the I? What simple, yet EFFECTIVE tool can we (human beings) use to "pluck away" the layers of mental imprints (impressions) created in the mind's eye? What tool can we (human beings) use, to help us get past the constant and continuous flow of thoughts, feelings, emotions, worries and memories?

What tool can we use to reach the place of inner calm and deep relaxation to spend time in the healing place within that is harmless and free? Free from worry; free from analyzing; free from criticizing; free from judgment.

Since I am you and You are me, what we (you and me) do is…. we turn to natural medications like yoga and meditation, to claim our share of freedom. Ancient Tools in the form of positions, mantra and mudras, oh my. Specifically designed by "enlightened beings" (sages/angels) for us to receive relief from the heat created from our worrying, analyzing, criticizing, judgmental mind-set.

Meditation is Medication

Meditation is one medication we can use to help us TRANSITION into the stillness and silence of our internal Force Field of Infinite Possibilities - the state of pure awareness. Meditation is a self-healing practice that gives us permission to FEEL - inner calmness coupled with a deep sense of relaxation.

For thousands of years, a variety of meditation techniques have been practice. This ancient practice encourages us to move (transition). Meditation helps us get to the internal place of pure awareness. It is located beyond the chatter of the mind, past the ever flowing river of thoughts, feelings, emotions, worries and memories. Landing in a place of stillness and silence; the force field of Infinite possibilities where PURE AWARENESS lives.

To create positive, uplifting, inspirational thoughts, words and deeds (actions), our ancestors recommend spending time each day in the inner quite state of Meditation. Embrace the opportunity to awaken to your very own, personal and private, powerful soul potential. Begin to feel light and peace filled. Stop leaning on "will power" and shear effort. Instead, let you mind and body be guided by the breath and begin to flow with the constant and continuous, beautiful, life force energy (prana) that surrounds us.

Flow with the Energy of Love

There are steps we can take to shift (transition) awareness from a state of tightness and constriction to a place of expansion. Be open to receive pure information received while in the expanding state of awareness. Fill the mind, body and spirit with peace.


Increases Happiness
Slows Aging Process
Improves Concentration

These are just a few. There are numerous benefits received from practicing the Art of Meditation for a long period of time, without long periods of interruption. The practice helps to set the mind and heart free leaving a light- hearted and uplifted feeling as we become free. Fearless, regardless of the situation. So be it.

Is it possible to maintain this unattached position?

It sure is, if we make time to practice.

Before entering the inner quite state of meditation, sit in a quite, comfortable, easy position. Exhale completely and then gently close the mouth and the eyes. Inhale and ask yourself the question: Who Am I? Breathe smoothly and evenly while silently repeating the question. Who Am I? Allow yourself time to move beyond the ego into the place of Pure Potential. Simply release (ask) the question.

To carry out our fullest potential. To fulfill our inner desires while manifesting with wisdom, compassion and clear minded thinking. Allow thy self time to SHIFT into this glorious dimension. Spend quality time with the Force Field of Infinite Possibilities, the incredible space of Pure Potential.

Stay here in the Force Field of Infinite Possibilities as long as you are able. When done, gently open the eyes. Slowly stretch out the legs and arms and gently make your way to a standing position.

Smile and know that you have better prepared yourself for the day. Take a moment to bow to your wholeness, your completeness and greatness.

Cheers friends. May you continue to be filled with raw gifts, precious gems and the incredible Divine Source Love Presence (DSL), better known as:


May all beings know happenings, and the sources of happiness.

May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

May all beings remain connected with freedom's true joy.

May all beings reside in mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially when in a "difficult" situation (equanimity), free from attachment and aversion.

So be it.

Thank you for joining (merging) with the creative vibrations of harmony. Feel free to return to this space. Available 24/7.


Who Am I?

Pronounced: Ahimysa-mp3
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