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Expanding Collective Consciousness

2017 - Year of Harmony

“I was dreaming when I wrote this.
Excuse me if it goes astray”
– Prince


Shalom (Peace).

Have you ever thought about the importance of something as simple as the words we choose to greet ourselves and other human beings with?

According to Wikipedia a “Greeting is an act of communication in which Human Being INTENTIONALLY make their presence known to each other, to show attention to and suggest a type of relationship…”

Would you agree that we (human beings) tend to greet ourselves and others using “common” or accepted greetings based on the culture and region we were raised in? The words tend to flow out the mouth without thinking about the actual meaning behind what we are expressing.

In America, North Korea and Russia, the ‘common’ greeting is either “Hello” or “How are you?” It is usually said as a form of politeness.

However, in other parts of our beautiful world, greetings are filled with much more than politeness. Especially when spoken mindfully. For example, in Costa Rica the ‘common’ greeting is “Pure Life” (Pura Vida). In India, “I bow to the Divine in You” (Namaste) is the common greeting between the people. “Peace” (Shalom) is one of the ‘common’ greetings in Israel; and in Saudi Arabia, all conversations begin with: “May peace be with you” (Al Salam Aleikum). As you can see, the greeting we habitually repeat and are comfortable receiving, usually depends on the part of the world we are born and raised in.

As you may already know, the American yoga community usually uses the common American greeting, “Hello” when pupils arrive for class and the India greeting “Namaste” as a way to end class. “I bow to the Divine in You.. (namaste)” is interchangeable. It can be used upon arrival and departure.

Although, I often wonder how much longer it will take for the American Yoga Community to embrace, “I bow to the Divine in You (Namaste)”, as the common way to GREET students as well.

Universally speaking, the ‘common’ way to greet each other is to say: “True Identity”, “Truth is God’s Name (Sat Nam)” and/or “I Come in Peace”.

Imagine with me for a moment if you will….… what would it FEEL like if we (all human beings) started greeted ourselves and each other by using one of the Universal Greetings: “Sat Nam” (True Identify / Truth is God’s Name) or “I come in Peace”.

Do you think changing the way we greet ourselves and each other could make a positive impact on everything?

One of the main and most important benefits from practicing union (yoga) is to increase (expand) mindfulness. As more and more of us practice expanding mindfulness, fueld with honor and respect for the fact that we are all unique and vital pieces of the universal puzzle that is taking shape, the bigger the chance of personal peace and happiness. As our (human beings) collective understanding continues to increase and we continue to grasp the fact that the odds of you (and I) being born at all, are really QUITE SMALL after all.

In recognition of this fact, perhaps we (you and me) could contribute positively to the increasing (expanding) collective consciousness by choosing or creating a new and improved greeting. One that represents the level of honor and respect that we have for ourselves and each other.

As a gentle reminder and for inspiration purposes please enjoy… No body Right, No Body Wrong by Michael Frani.

Cheers to expanding with peace, love and harmony.

Thank you for join me today and May Peace Be With You!

Expanding Collective Consciousness

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