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Easy Pose - Sukhasana

Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

Posture Classification: Primary, Seated Position
Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Practice

Yogaology of Sukhasana:

Sukha translates from native Sanskrit into English as: Ease, Happiness, Peace, Pleasure.

Asana translates from native Sanskrit into English as: Posture or Seat.

Put them together, (Sukha + Asana) = Sukhasana, Easy Pose, Happiness Pose, Peace Pose, Pleasure Pose.

Although Easy Pose looks and sounds like an inactive position, in reality when created correctly, Sukhasana is stimulating, restorative and extremely therapeutic for the body and the mind.

We practice Sukhasana (Easy Pose) to achieve both physical and emotional benefits such as:
*Gentle stretch for the spine
*Clears the chatter from the mind (calmness)
*Self-soothing stress relief from tightness & tension
*Opens the hips
*Increase tranquility and happiness (inner states of being)
*Strengthens the back
*Gentle stretch for the ankles and knees
Purpose of Sukhasana: We systematically move into easy position to form a stable and pleasant foundation for the body and the mind before introducing vital yoga breathing techniques.

To practice on the mat, follow these simple steps to create Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

1. Sit down on the ground with the buttocks on top of a yoga block (or two folded towels or blankets). The legs are extended straight out with the heels resting on the ground, toes pointing up.

NOTE: For those with limitations in the knees or hips, PLEASE remain in this position - with legs extended, heels resting on the ground, toes pointing up and skip step #2 and #3.
2. Gently bend the right knee, folding the leg and rest the foot under the knee or under the thigh. Repeat on the left. Gently bend the left knee, folding the leg and rest the foot under the knee or under the thigh. Create a COMFORTABLE / PLEASANT, cross-legged position.

3. Reach back with the hands, gently pull the skin of the buttocks back and away from the sit bones. Then BALANCE your weight between the left and right sit bones.

4. Take time now to check and be sure the knees are LOWER than the hips. This is IMPORTANT!

5. The spine is straight and the pelvis is stable.

6. Rest the hands on the knees or in the lap.

7. Begin to inhale through the nose with the mouth gently closed. Feel the neck lengthen, the chin is parallel with the ground and the crown of the head floats up.

8. Slowly exhale (through the nose), relax the shoulder blades down the back, close the eyes and deepen the breath.

9. Inhale through the nose with the mouth closed filling with eagerness and a positive attitude. When you reach the top, slowly exhale through the nose, releasing tightness, releasing tension.

10. Continue breathing - fully and evenly, moving just the breath.

11. Feel what you are doing as you do it.

12. Silently notice, become aware of, the inner sensations while tuning in with the energy of eagerness and a positive attitude.

13. Maintain a stable and comfortable, pleasant position (asana) enjoying at least three full, deep and even breaths.

By the way - here is a great place to set your intention(s) for the day.
14. Smile before opening the eyes and observe how you feel.

15. When finished, gently open the eyes to let your inner light merge with the outer light.

15. Congratulations! You did it! Namaste.

Thank you for creating Sukhasana (Easy Pose) today.

Mindful Practice Information:

The entire purpose behind each yoga position is: To relax and breath.

Remember yoga is anti-competitive. Every body is unique and every day is different.
Q: How to Know If You Are Doing It Right?

A: Feel what you are doing as you do it. Check in with the breath. Is it smooth and even? Check in with the body, does the posture feel stable and pleasant?

If you feel stable and pleasant then you are doing it right.

If you feel strain in the body or the breath - please ease up from what you are doing to maintain an easy and pleasant position. Be wherever you can breathe most fully and evenly.
a. A yoga posture is one that is steady and pleasant
b. Harmless in thought, word and action
c. Self talk is positive
Check your understand.

See if you can find the CORRECT Easy Pose picture in this video.

Hint -The correct position = The knees are lower than the hips.

Easy Pose - Sukhasana

Pronounced: Sukhasana.mp3

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